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Giving every vet a Buddy!


About The My Buddies App

Our Mission

The My Buddies app's (MBL) main mission is to eradicate suicides in the veteran community with the power of the Buddy system. Many veterans are familiar with the buddy system because it has been an intricate pillar for many when faced with extenuating circumstances.  Having a buddy in our corners goes a long way towards mental stability. That friend that listens to us. The leader always being there to uplift. Even that peer to whom we can relate during certain times can change our mental feelings in an instant. 

Our aim is never to see a vet feel alone in times of need. To never let them walk the path of depression alone. To give them hope when they feel like giving up. In the end, it's all about Love for our fellow buddies. 

Veteran Suicide Statistics


of America  does not have enough mental health providers.

73.1% of America did not have enough mental health providers to serve residents. This is why we are here. By using the Buddy system


of suicides are committed by veterans ages 33-54 years of age.

In 2019 the highest suicide rate belonged to the age group of 33-54 years in Florida. This aligns with the majority of the nations where Vietnam, veterans are at the highest risk of committing suicide.


are suicides by firearms

In 2020 firearms accounted for over half of the suicides around the country. Please if you're a veteran lock those guns up, please. Give a friend the key and wait until you're in a better headspace to get them back.


of suicides are commited by diagnosed patients.

 58.7% of suicides are committed by people that are diagnosed with a mental disorder. That means 41.3% of suicides are committed by people who either don't know they are dealing with issues or haven't seen a professional for help. Check on your loved ones! 

How we help.

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  Discussion boards 

A Great Option

Not in the mood to speak on the phone? Trust us we know the feeling, so instead connect with other Buddies in our group chat lobbies located on the app. Where their is always a conversation to be a

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Need a Buddy?

Hit the need a buddy button!

The main feature of our app is the need a Buddy button. This feature in our app is what guarantees every veteran has a Buddy in their darkest moment. With the press of a button, you can instantly have a Buddy contact you to talk and listen.

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Heart to Heart radio!

Tell your military story.

Our Heart 2 Heart Radio is a free service we offer to all of our veteran families. This is a podcast that is all about getting our veteran's stories told. We want to hear all about your journey while serving to protect our country's freedoms and democracy.

MB1 Presents: The heart to heart Podcast

Available on all listening platforms

Listen to others speak on some of their happiest moments of life and how they endure the tough times!

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Helpful Resources

Learning to Cope

Being military veterans we run through the gambit of feelings and emotions every year we serve. Little things from a close friend leaving to another base. To much bigger emotional issues like the loss of a close buddy. One thing that we could always depend on to help us get through is the fact we could depend on our buddies to have our backs!

There is no better support system than a person that can understand and listen to our issues. This is where our app will make a change in the world by connecting veterans with other veterans.

VA Self assessment for mental disorders

We're all facing battles in our own heads that don't tend to make sense. They seem like an endless battle that we can't get away from. A big step in the right direction is having an understanding of where your mental health is. A great resource for this is the VA self assessments. 

Click the link to take the assessment and know the trust.

The Importance of Human Connection

As veterans, it is super simple to find a dark corner and sit there alone. This corner is usually somewhere in our minds that retains us in isolation.  

We start to believe that we aren't worthy of anything. We start to believe that our sacrifices were for not. We even believe that there is no bigger purpose in our lives. Instead we turn to death as a way out.

Please be mindful, that is not you speaking! You do have a purpose and you do have a reason to live. You're a hero and have served this country bravely. 

This is why we want to be a part of your life. This is why we want to give you a Buddy to speak with in order to make a difference when you feel alone and nowhere to turn. We will be there for you to build you back up! 

Self Love through others

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