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Winds of turmoil set our sails to islands of greatness.

What is a happy life if you never feel inadequate in it? What is a love story if you never go through pain to get to it? What is a vision if there was no journey to achieve it?

The answer to all of these questions is mediocrity and failure to live our best lives. A failure to realize how strong and virtuous we really are. A failure to push our limits and horizons further. A failure to love on the deepest of levels that people who take the easy road couldn't even fathom.

We as humans allow this to happen time and time again. Over and over in this constant monotonous cycle of failure that we never tend to comprehend and embrace. We always want things to just happen for us and not put the work in to make it happen. We rather see the world burn before we stand up and say something. We rather tell ourselves that there are plenty of fish in the sea, rather than go after the fish we desire. We much rather stay in bed than face the failures that come with chasing a goal.

Trust me... I know this because I have been this person many times before. I have let my desires and goals die off because I was tired of facing failure. I have watched women that I knew were perfect for me walk away into the abyss of other fish. Thinking to myself there is plenty of other fish for the taking. I have sat amongst the fearful and cowardly in my dwelling because I didn't want to face the world and let it know who and what I am.

Let me tell you, by doing these things, I ran into the most depressed states I have ever been in. I'm talking about a really dark place of losing my personality and constantly asking myself who am I? What have I become? Where did this cowardice come from? Why am I stagnating? Why am I with this person that doesn't understand me or even wants to be with me in the first place?

Too many times we underappreciate the rain that comes from storms in our lives. How beneficial the water is in nurturing new beginnings and new crops. How without the rain the world drys up and shrivels leaving nothing, but destruction, anguish, and a famished population of cookie-cutter humans. All just an empty shell of themselves asking the same questions spoken about earlier. We fail to value the Moxy, grit, and determination that it takes for us to be great at something.

We desire to only be happy and have extreme success no matter what journey of life we go through. There's nothing wrong with wanting this, but we have to be realistic. We have to understand that with everything good there has to be a bad to offset. If there wasn't we wouldn't ever appreciate where we come from. We for sure wouldn't strive to get better at our crafts.

So today, I am challenging you to step out of your bubble and accept that failure is inevitable. Accept that you may not get what you want at first, but with tenacity and determination, you will achieve great things. That no matter what people may say or do you have the heart to know who you are and what you want to be. Give the world your gift and gain blessings in return.

If nobody else loves you. Know that I do!

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Alvin De Haan
Alvin De Haan

Really well done! Thank you! The more information that gets to those in need the more people can be helped. I hope and pray you continue this outreach!

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