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I chose me!

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'm writing this to let you know I won't be who or what you want me to be. I'm no longer concerned about your thoughts and feelings about what and how I should act as a man in your mind. Instead, I choose ME and to become what God has chosen me to be! You all can continue posting and quoting about self-love, but I've decided to embrace it. It's time to let the light that God placed in me shine at max capacity.

From my style of clothes to the way I address situations, I CHOOSE ME!

The love I feel when I wake up in the morning knowing that I can be myself and not have to fit into society's boundaries feels like true freedom. The thrill of no longer chasing a title attached to my name to impress people that will be gone tomorrow is my fresh air. The ability to just tell myself, I'm a man and sometimes we're not enough, but fuck it, I'm still me! Feel's liberating.

Once again I CHOOSE ME and you can either adapt or move on!

All this chasing money, power, and fame you all can have. I found peace and tranquility without it, so I could care less if I get it. This is truly what power to me feels like. I now control my mindset and my moods. I control who and what can come into my presence and for how long I want them there. God has allowed me to become the true master of my universe and to have inner Peace and JOY!

I will now be pursuing my purpose and God's plan from here out. Letting the universe unfold how it will and adjusting in a manner that keeps my peace. I'm no longer fighting your battles for you, but instead showing you through me how to defeat your enemies, which in most cases is you!

Choosing me has allowed me to find causes that I want to be a solution for. Allowing me to develop new thought processes that I was afraid to expand on in the past. Allowing my mind to open up to the highest and speak with her on a higher level. There will be no more stressing about fitting into social norms and guidelines. Instead, you can either accept me or reject me and move on. Either way, I've found peace and tranquillity in being alone.

Once again choosing SELF-LOVE and ME!

This letter wasn't intended to serve as a Fuck you, but instead to let you know why I no longer chose to kick it. To show why I no longer choose to post on social media all the time. To show why I no longer choose to impress you and fit in. This letter is to show you why I no longer choose you but have instead 100% chosen ME!

Peace, LOVE, and Happiness colleagues and friends. I pray you decide to choose YOU as well soon! This is how we not only heal ourselves, but also; communities, states, nations, countries, and the world.

Choose YOU!!!!

PS: As I was writing this a blue jay was screaming outside my window. God is true love and if you know, you know! Let go and let God!

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