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Be F*cking unstoppable

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you were willing to sacrifice everything to achieve it? Have you ever woken up and realized that you were meant for more than just some mundane job with a fancy title that means nothing more than an employee? Have you ever wanted to be the greatest in something that you truly enjoy?

If so, you're a fucking warrior and you need to go after it with reckless abandonment!


Before taking this path you do have to know that this is the hardest path to take. There will be many obstacles and naysayers along the path that you will literally feel like you can't go on anymore and give in. There will be countless amount of times you will want to go back into that same job market and fit in with the rest of the worker bees. Living out the rest of your life working to make someone else millions! Never being able to see the pinnacle you wanted to achieve because you folded.

Sounds fun right?

No, it doesn't at all. Instead, go down this path knowing that it will take countless amount of sacrifices depending on how big the objective is. Go down this path knowing that people will try to play the crab in a bucket role and pull you into that dark abyss of an empty bucket. Take this path knowing that failure is only a part of the process. Take this path with full insight that no great leader ever reached the top without battle scars and wounds. Take this path knowing that it will come with long periods of isolation, sorrow, and regret.

But also take this path with confidence in knowing that you're the LION and that you are preparing for your moment to ROAR!

Then, once you come to an understanding of all these things... That's when you let it all go and say FUCK IT! I'm doing this and if anything or anyone get's in my way, I will destroy with no remorse. That you will not be deterred from the destiny that has been placed in front of you to achieve. That just like the bible scripture, no weapon formed against me shall prosper because this is my destiny.


Here lately, I have been being hit upside the head with one thing after another. Just to share some insight, I ruptured my meniscus last year immobilizing me for months. Then I finally get to a place where I can move again when my vehicle's transmission goes out. Oh but that wasn't the end of it because then to make matters sweeter my insurance company decided to raise prices for my home insurance, in essence raising my mortgage payments more on the fixed income I was barely surviving on now with my kid. Needless to say, this would drive anyone to a breaking point of I quit and I need to get back to the bucket to survive. Give me the crab treatment (ewe)!


I can't allow myself to cave in. I know where and what I want to be doing and in what capacity. I want to make miracles happen for people all around the world, so I can't give in. I know GOD blessed me with a huge heart to go out and change the world with it. I know that there are countless amount of people in this world that are alone and need someone to speak with in their dark moments. I understand that if I give up that depression and anxiety win and all the people I could have helped not commit suicide are lost.

F*ck that!

This world was built on the shoulders of brave individuals who weren't afraid to leave their comfort zone. Individuals that didn't hesitate when they found their calling to be great in. They knew that they had to make sacrifices in order to make a difference. If these people caved every time they faced adversity then we would never have the stories and uniqueness we have today. These people refused to quit and took every battle scar life delivered to them to reach the pinnacle they envisioned. They bowed to no one and left nothing on the table to think about. Through the sacrifices, lost friendships, family turning their backs on them, etc they refused to quit.

They made it!

So why can't you?

If you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything. I believe everything happens for a reason. If you are strong from within, you can will anything. I'm a firm believer that where there's a will, there's a way.--- Eric Davis

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