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Why do we suffer? (Dad version)

Greeting aliens and earthlings,

This past week I had the privilege of doing something that has become a lost art in the world. Something that was written about a lot in the bible, in a plethora of biographies, and in almost every other facet of communication fathomable. Yet, this something is so obscene as a parent today that seeing a big foot, sneezing in the woods, scratching his backside, and smoking a blunt with Snoop Doog is more believable than doing this. As crazy and dope as that would be to see!! I find it even crazier that this simple thing is as rare as that moment.

Which by the way, would you join in on the festivities if you came by this occurrence in the woods? I feel like a big foot would have some very potent stuff that he grows out in the woods of Montana... Anyways, back on topic!

That thing, I got to enjoy this past week was sitting still and breathing! And... It, felt, GOOD! There was no technology, no customers, no kids, no guests, and most of all no stress! Instead, just me, myself, and I. I went into complete fudge-it mode. The full-on yogi, whatever shall happen, let it happen, captain. I turned off my brain, my voice, my cracking knees, and for a brief moment or 2, I thought my heart as well. Yep, it was a little nerve-wracking and those evil thoughts came into my head, "You'll miss that big shot that was coming in these 15 minutes of doing this!' "Oh, the world is going to judge you for doing this and look at you as a terrible carpet-munching father!" "What will big foot think of you??" (Ok, enough of this guy :) Still in all seriousness, I had to ask myself why is this such a bad thing?

While doing this I had a question come into my soul, why do more people not do this more often?

So quick disclaimer, to be a little tincy wince honest, since starting up this app and my other ventures I get this kind of time a lot. Yet, thanks to today's hustle and motivate culture (RIP Nipsey Hustle), I hardly ever take it. Because like every other "busy" person, I rather try to find something to make myself feel busy or do something that is "improving me". Which, like most people once again, was only getting me one step closer to the inevitable burnout stage. You know that phase, where you just stare off into the abyss of the things you're working on? Only to accomplish hardly anything? Well, except looking the part as though you're working. Yep, too bad we're not all models that get paid to look good at our jobs or we would all be rich. Sorry Leslie, your implanted smile can only get you so far.

FACTS: In 2021 the United States was ranked top 12 in the world when it came to feelings of stress from the previous day. ( To add to this juicy tidbit as recently as May of 2023 nearly 21.8% of Americans that responded to a survey, also by Statista reported signs of depression disorder. Check out the links and articles below to read for yourself.


Let's come to a better understanding of what it means for America to be ranked top 12 in the world as a FIRST WORLD country! Now, a few of the countries ranked ahead of The Stats were/are in dire states when this study was taken. Which makes complete sense on why their citizens are stressed out. For instance, countries like Iran and Iraq are always entangled in war and political disputes. Or Greece and its ever-evolving depth issue. Heck, I turn on the news and I'm stressed out for these people. I could only imagine what they have to go through day after day. Not only in these 3 countries but so many more.

Yet, here we are in America with freedom and democracy engrained in our very bloodline and we're stressed out? Honestly, out of the 8.XXXX billion people that live in this ever-growing world... I would bet my stylish dad crocks that a huge percentage of them would love to live in the States if they don't already. If this is the case then how are we a bunch of gun-toting, beer-drinking, depressed zombies, living in the land of the free?

Researchers show that a huge part is tied to our mentality of work hard, play hard, and our failing social lives. We no longer take part in relaxing in life and instead always concern ourselves with the next payday or promotions. We cut ties in our real-world relationships for online likes and props. A wonderfully written article by Dr.David Fieldman on Psychology Today does a deeper dive into this issue. Which I believe is a huge tie-in to my blog post today. We no longer take the time out of our day to BREATHE and be STILL!

Bible verse: 1 Samuel 12:16 Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!

You've probably heard and read a lot of this stuff before, but have you corrected yourself? Have you corrected your kids? Your spouse? Your family and friends?

I doubt it because so many of us are so far gone down the technology rabbit hole that we can't tell the difference between reality and artificial anymore. On a typical day, we can get on any of these social media platforms and be bombarded with useless information about celebrities. We can find out why Billy Jean is no longer Michael's girl! Or we have to see the new car that Clyde overpaid for but got just so he can look "Litty" on the trends. While trying to make us feel inferior because we still drive our 2006 Honda. This goes hand and hand with the amount of depth that we go under because this is "WHAT AMERICANS DO"! Work more hours, to buy more stuff... America, home of the burnt out and tired, yet, we are still "lit"!

There's no time for PEACE!

I won't go into too much depth on this last thing because I'm just now starting to do research on the matter. But, as a father of kids growing up in Generation Z I am super alarmed at how little time is being spent as families. Instead of reading books together, we are now sharing the new TikTok trend. Instead of spending time learning and exploring new skills and places, we are forcing ourselves to do things to look cool on Social media. We as parents have to put a stop to the buffoonery and say enough is enough.


We start by eliminating distractions from our family's lives. We refuse to get entangled in traps placed in society to make us work more and love less. So what, our kids can't spend every summer traveling with an AAU basketball team, spending thousands of dollars just to get beat by some 6ft 7inch 3rd grader. Why does it matter that my kid has to use a Generational 10 iPhone when their friends have 13+? So what, little Suzie Q and her dad get 300 likes for every picture they post? None of these things matter when it's all said and done and our kids are slaves to weak relationships and no understanding of social etiquette. I much rather see my kids be able to disconnect from the matrix and enjoy life in the real world. See them go out and be brave, get scars and bruises from living a real life. Heck, even get their hearts broken a few times in order to find their true purpose, person, and PEACE!


As parents, it starts with us learning how to do this first. We must unplug from the world and just breathe. Understand that most of the things that are "concerning" everyone else aren't really important. That we can't heal the world until we heal ourselves. So... with that being said



Just in case for Its and Giggles because I didn't know either:

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