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Embrace your inner Idiot!

I bet half of you reading this title eyes opened up to the size of bowling balls. You likely spat our your grape pompon and your pinky immediately dropped from the sophisticated, "elegant", royalty position. While saying stuff like Absurd! preposterous! Hog-wash! Then you likely started debating with that inner voice of yours, "Me becoming ok with being an idiot? No such thing!"

Well to you I say...indubitably! It's time to let go of the stigma behind needing to be the know it all. Instead, let your inner idiot be your guide to (Someone que the Disney music), A whole new world!

What if I told you that letting go of being the local know it all will relieve a lot of stress and tension in your life? What if I told you that your endless quest to be the smartest in the room is really a reflection of your pride to feel higher than everyone else? What if I told you that no matter how hard you push and no matter how hard you try, you will never be the smartest in the room, yet alone the world?

That's right folks, today I am busting bubbles and breaking chains. Rather you know it or not, your endless quest to become the next Albert Einstein is holding you captive. Captive to this unforgiving cycle of hubris and empty kudos. It's all a part of the game brothers and sisters! A game that you will never win, because it wasn't intended for you to win. A game that will draw you straight to a mental collapse from pushing your brain to mush. Leaving you with a brain full of useless information and no experiences.

My awakening!

I too use to fall victim to this trap that I needed to always be on this endless quest for knowledge in order to gain more power. Then something hit me! Boom, like one of those anvils falling from the sky in a bugs bunny cartoon. I realized that I was failing myself by trying to push myself to be the best in something that would never happen. See I fell in the category of people that love to learn a little about a lot. Instead of those other folks who want to learn a lot about a little. What can I say, I love living and experiencing life! Yet, before this awakening I use to get super frustrated with myself because I wasn't able to retain the deepest details on whatever subject I was learning.

For example, during my brief lifespan as a B-1 bomber crew chief in the worlds greatest Air Force. I really enjoyed the job, but I would get myself wound all up because I wasn't the most knowledgable on the jet we worked on. Whereas, some of my peers really grasped the ins and outs of the aircraft like a newborn to a nipple. I use to always say these chosen folk were born with a golden wrench in their hands. Then you have me, who for the most part could only do a little more than enough to get the job done.

Does that make me an idiot compared to the BADASS maintainers on the line? Yes! Yes it does indeed. Yet, with my coming to Jesus moment I realized that this was ok. Instead, I redirected my energy into different facets of the flightline. I ended up going to different sections and thriving in those areas. Was I successful becuase of my knowledge of these programs? Nope, instead because of my new perspectives on these programs that made them run more proficiently. Guess where that ability came from... You guessed it, by being an idiot.

Where the idiot's strive!

At this point, if you realize that you're eerily similar to me and you're afraid of the title idiot, don't be! Instead, I'm going to help you feel good about that title and embrace it to the fullest. You should be excited about this journey that you are able to partake on. There's a light that you have in you that the world needs you to show. Believe me siblings, God has blessed us!

Odds are that you're the trailblazer of your family and friends. The person that got lucky enough to recieve the biggest BLESSING of experiencing a complete and lovely life of being an idiot and being lost. Wondering around in the unknown and figuring out new ways to old problems. The person that refuses to settle for the same monotonous, dull, mundane thing, day in and out.

Instead you thirst for new experiences. Meeting new people. Tasting different foods. And most of all being a bad ass that often doesn't care what people think or say about you! People think you're the butt of the joke and easy to jones on, but really you're a free spirit. Where they get taxed out from trying to be a cookie cutter you will constantly be growing and becoming a better version of yourself. Think of yourself as a popular Pokemon that the animators of the show keep giving newer, cooler evolutions. Lucky you!

Idiots run the world!

Don't believe me? Go look at our presidents of the states... EXACTLY! See the thing is that most idiots are motivators and positive influencers. People are attracted to us because we refuse to be bogged down by a certain title or structure. We enjoy being happy and free over being locked down and uptight. We enjoy having a good time doing whatever we're doing over being serious and literal. WE ARE DIFFERENT!

Prime examples of this would be Goku and Vegeta from the Dragonball Z anime! Goku is world renown and not for his fighting, but instead for his goofiness. His lack of care to the worldly stressors that everyone else deals with. Whereas Vegeta has his following as well, but is known for being a stickler (party pooper) for the most part. Vegeta is always, I have to be the greatest Sayian ever(alien race) because I am, prince Vegeta! Whereas Goku, could care less about a title, let's just throw hands and eat! My type of person! Although, I am primarily about keeping the peace, but still!

Idiots are cool too!

So moral of the story is you might not be a genius, but you're something greater... A badass trailblazer that makes their own pieces to the puzzle. Someone who isn't afraid to stick out and take that risk when everyone else is staying safe and in their comfort zone. Your rewards might not be as soon as the geniuses, but they will be greater. Hell, look at David, I'm sure his former villagers were like, "look at this idiot." "Going to fight that big killer giant with a slingshot... What an idiot! He should just heard sheep like the rest of us." Yet, David didn't get perturbed or turned around, instead he looked the devil in the eyes and showed him what God blessed him with. Pow, right between the eyes! Victory royal, run the jewels!

So my fellow idiots, let this be a lesson to embrace who you are. Enjoy the journey that you're on and always stay your course. Don't let anyone bring you down or turn you away. You were born an IDIOT for a reason :).

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