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Sacrifices make us unstoppable!

The inevitable truth:

One of the hardest things we deal with in life is having to make sacrifices. Rather it's time, energy, items, ambitions, etc. Somewhere at some point, we all have to sacrifice something or we don't grow. We all try to avoid having to make sacrifices and instead give everything in our lives full attention. Unfortunately, the inevitable constant will always remain true, sacrifices are a must!

"There is no decision that we can make that doesn't come with some sort of balance or sacrifice." Simon Sinek


As much as sacrifices suck at first, soon after they are made, we start to see the beauty in them. As I've matured more I like to think, Sacrifice the now for a more successful tomorrow!

Sometimes it takes losing something precious, something very dear to us, someone that we could not imagine living life without to grow. Losing someone or something like this opens up our hearts and minds on levels we can't even fathom. It rips our entire world down and forces us to rebuild a new one that is stronger and more resilient than the last. For instance, I lost 60% of my family that I spent 6 years building in less than a couple of months in 2020. I was infuriated over the situation for months on end and never understood why this had to happen? Why, when I felt I was giving all that I could as father and husband was I still losing everything I held close.? WHY?!?!?

The reason for the season:

Hell, looking back I'm pretty sure life was trying to make me take this sacrifice earlier in life. Yet, instead of listening, I choose to fight back against it like the plague. I refused to accept that a sacrifice had to be made at the time. So during that time, I started to stagnate and re as a human being. I didn't realize the decline in myself when I was fighting against the system of life. I had amazed over 80 pounds of weight. I was choosing to spend endless amounts of time playing video games or watching television instead of with my kids. My mental health was at an ALL TIME low, 2 suicide attempts in a super short span. Hell, I neglected to spend time expanding on my knowledge of who I am as a man so I could grow.

I will continue to say throughout this blog post, sacrifices are crucial in order to have growth. For my particular situation, it wasn't until within the last month that I realized how this morbid situation made me better. Life was showing me that I was neglecting aspects in my life that would make me better. A better father, a better friend, a better leader, and eventually a better husband when it's time again. The sacrifice of having to see my kids leave to another state forced me to sit down and analyze myself in an isolated environment. Only me most of the time and my thoughts. Which gave me so much clarity on who I am and what I stand for. What type of father I can truly be for my kids. Where I can be a better husband and lover for my next marriage. I even learned skills that I never knew I could do or forgot how to do them.

Healing into the superhuman you are!

After months of hurt, I can say that learning these things about myself was a part of my healing process. Once I looked back and realized how much better I am now, the hurt, anguish, and humiliation just slipped away. I started to feel more confident in my surroundings, my friends and family, and most of all myself! I understand that life was literally giving me lemons, but I had to choose to make the lemonade. I had to choose to make the sacrifice in order to grow into a better version of myself. Talk about some super sayian stuff!

I've lost a lot of things in my life that I thought were a must-have. Things I was devoting most of my time and energy into because I "wanted it". Instead, life sent me a reality check and I learned what I really needed was GROWTH. Growth can be hindered by trying to avoid these sacrifices or holding on to things "WE want". Refusing to allow life to show us what we need. We never see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the initial stage of a sacrifice. Sometimes we don't even appreciate what comes from making these sacrifices. Rewards from sacrifices can be from just becoming a better person, to realizing how abusive our relationship was with whatever was given up.

LAST Message

So don't run from sacrifices! Instead, prepare for the excellence that will come with it! Know that you will be a stronger individual after the dust settles. That you will no longer be staggered from that same scenario because you have learned and been through it. Now you are the ALPHA human in your world and nobody can knock or tell you otherwise!

Peace, Love, and pickle juice!

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