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Only You can be you! Embrace the alien!

Cliché as the title might sound, being you is harder than most realize. In todays world, society is constantly trying to mold us into these clay figures that; look, act, breath, eat. walk, talk, and think as everyone else. Hell, most adults cringe at the thought of even being close to having a fun time in society.

Dancing in the middle of a supermarket? Yeah right!

Go ride a go-kart without the kids??Psh, rather be at home paying bills.

Eat cereal for dinner one night??? NANI (what)???? Hell No, I need nutritional broccoli on my plate or I'll rot.

Hell, The only time most adults crack a smile now a days is to show off on a social media post. Then they look around to see who was watching so they can hurry to retreat back into their grumpy Bergen's (Trolls reference, I'm childish like that) ways.

Humanity is losing themselves!

So much to a point that we even stand in long lines to purchase things we don't need or want just to be a part of the social norm. Hello annual iPhone upgrade... that most can't tell the difference on what's new. Just so we can go brag about it amongst our fellow humans.

Just for some jealous and envious followers.

For some odd reason, this conform culture has been accepted as ok and slowly but surely everyone is losing their minds!

Me personally, I've always been on the flip side of this coin if you know me, you know I love my anime shirts and vintage looking sneakers. In which NOBODY in my books can rock it better if they did try to follow, damn copycats. However, there has been a few times I've slipped into these moments of ambiguity and ended up in some of my darkest periods of life. From suicidal thoughts/attempts, depression, anxiety, you name it, I've likely been through it. Most of this being because I felt the urge to fit societies perception on who I should be!

Hell the last time I slipped up and became an avowed "member of society", I gained 70 pounds, couldn't run a mile to save my life, let alone save my beautiful families life if need be. Which to me is the numbero Uno job as a father, take care of HOME! While being yourself.

The latter can not be forgotten. This blog post isn't just for men either, yet every human out there that feels that they need or have been forced to become "a member of society".

Yeah... bump that snooze fest!

If that is what being a human is about than I'm good, paint my skin green and call me Dub-ET (nickname is Dub-C) from here on out. Life is way to short to live it worrying and competing with the next person on who fits in better.

I think we should all sing the famous Bootsy Collins song "I rather be with you" to ourselves daily!


because Self love is the best love and that takes being yourself, LOVE!

Peace, love, and pickle juice MB1 family.

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